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Accessing support


If you can, speak to your line manager or staff welfare representative if you are trying to cope with poor mental health and are feeling stressed.  Your line manager can listen to you, confidentially, about how you are feeling and discuss what supports could be put in place to help you.  It may be enough just making your manager aware of how you are feeling and knowing you can go to your manager for support as you need this.  Alternatively, you may need other support put in place, such as counselling and you can agree this with your manager.  It may also be appropriate for the Diversity Liaison Officer to meet with you.  The purpose of their attendance would be to provide any further advice on available assistance and support.


If your line manager has noticed some behavioural changes, they may set up a confidential meeting to ask how you are, discuss any changes they have noticed and ask how they can support you.   The aim of this meeting is to have an open and honest discussion that can lead to support and understanding of your situation, between you and your manager.