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Calderglen High School

Welcome to Chemistry


  • Miss V Muir (Faculty Head)

  • Mrs S Casey (Faculty Head S1&2 Science and Physics)

  • Mr C Docherty

  • Mr J McGuire

  • Miss K Ross

  • Miss K Murdoch 



In S3 pupils will follow Chemistry course as part of a broad general education, covering level 4 Chemistry outcomes and experiences.  During S3 pupils will also overtake some of the National 4 and National 5 Chemistry outcomes.

Assessment of the Course

The course will be assessed and marked throughout the session by teachers. These assessments are appropriate to the subject and level of study.  Assessments may include a combination of practical work, examinations and assignments. 


At the end of S3 pupils will progress to a course leading onto a qualification at National 3, National 4 or National 5.

At the end of S4 pupils could choose from the following progression routes:

  • A pupil achieving National 3 may progress to National 4
  • A pupil achieving National 4 may progress to National 5 Lab Skills 
  • A pupil achieving National 5 may progress to Higher


Homework is an integral part of the course and it is essential that pupils complete this and return on the specified date.  Pupils will be issued with homework on a regular basis.

Homework will be marked by the class teacher and feedback given to pupils to aid progress.

In addition to formal homework set by the class teacher pupils should be reading their notes on a regular basis and seek support from their teacher if they are unsure of any area of the course.


Pupils should take responsibility for their own learning.  To help pupils be active in their learning they should come to class prepared with all the necessary equipment e.g. jotter, pen, pencil, calculator etc. 


National 3


Unit 1 Revision Quiz Unit 2 Revision Quiz Unit 3 Revision Quiz



Unit 1 Mindmaps Unit 2 Mindmaps



Unit 1 Revision Summary Unit 2 Revision Summary Unit 3 Revision Summary


National 4 

Unit 1 Quizzes 

Chemistry Basics Rates of Reactions
The Periodic Table and the Atom Chemical Formulae
Bonding Properties of Substances
Acids and Alkalis Reactions of Acids


Unit 2 Quizzes 

Fuels and Energy Hydrocarbons


Unit 3 Quizzes

Metals Electricity
Corrosion Fertilisers
Polymers and Novel Products Nuclear Chemistry



Unit 1 Mindmaps Unit 2 Mindmaps Unit 3 Mindmaps


 Revision Notes 

Unit 1 Revision Notes Unit 2 Revision Notes Unit 3 Revision Notes


National 5 

 Data booklet

National 5 Data booklet


Course Notes 

Unit 1 Course Notes Unit 2 Course Notes Unit 3 Course Notes


Unit 1 Homework

1. Signs of reactions and physical changes 2. Factors that affect the rate of a reaction 3. Calculating the rate of a reaction
4. The Periodic table 5. Atomic theory 6. Atomic theory
7. Atomic theory 8. Bonding and properties of substances 9. Bonding and properties of substances
10. Bonding and properties of substances 11. Chemical Formulae 12. Calculations
13. Reacting quantities and balancing equations 14. Acids and Bases


Unit 2 Homework

1. Fuels and energy 2. Fuels and energy 3. Enthalpy of combustion
4. Alkanes 5. Alkenes 6. Branched alkanes and alkenes
7. Cycloalkanes and isomers 8. Alcohols 9. Carboxylic acids


Unit 3 Homework 

1. Metals 2. Electrochemistry 3. Corrosion and Redox
4. Polymers 5. Fertilisers 6. Nuclear Chemistry




Unit 1 Mindmaps Unit 2 Mindmaps Unit 3 Mindmaps


Revision Quizzes

Unit 1 Revision Quiz Unit 2 Revision Quiz Unit 3 Revision Quiz



Unit 1 Revision Unit 2 Revision Unit 3 Revision


Past Paper Questions 

Past Paper Questions



Data booklet 

Higher Data booklet


Unit 1 Notes 

Periodicity Structure and Bonding


Unit 2 Notes 

Esters, Fats and Oils Soaps Detergents and Emulsions Proteins
Chemistry of Cooking Oxidation of Food Fragrances and Skin Care


Unit 3 Notes

Controlling the Rate


Ink Exercises

Unit 1 Ink Exercises Unit 2 Ink Exercises Unit 3 Ink Exercises



Unit 1 Quiz Unit 2 Quiz
Unit 3 Quiz Numeracy and Problem Solving


Past Paper Questions

Past Paper Questions


Unit 1 Homework

1. Periodic Trends 2. Ionisation energy 3. Bonding in elements
4. Bonding in elements 5. Compounds and intermolecular bonding 6. Oxidation and reduction
7. Redox reactions 8. Redox volumetric analysis 9. Acid base volumetric analysis


 Unit 2 Homework 

1. Esters 2. Fats and oils 3. Soaps, detergents and emulsions
4. Proteins 5. Alcohols 6. Carboxylic acids
7. Aldehydes and ketones 8. Antioxidants 9. Fragrances
10. Skin care


Unit 3 Homework  

1. Rates of reactions 2. Potential energy diagrams 3. Chemical industry
4. Moles revision 5. Balancing and calculations from equations 6. Atom economy
7. Percentage yield 8. Idea of excess 9. Molar volume
10. Enthalpy of combustion revision 11. Enthalpy of combustion 12. Enthalpy of combustion
13. Bond enthalpy 14. Hess' Law 15. Hess' Law
16. Equilibria


Advanced Higher 


Advanced Higher Chemistry can only be accessed via the link below. It is password protected. 

To gain access to the Advanced Higher Chemistry site please ask your teacher for the password.

Advanced Higher Chemistry