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Calderglen High School


Curriculum Rationale

Calderglen High School Curriculum was developed by the Curriculum Architecture Group at the inception of the school to realise our shared vison of ‘Working Together to Inspire Learning and Shape the Future’. This vision is the foundation upon which our curriculum is built. The group involved was comprised of a team of teachers across a range of promotion levels, experience and age. The group worked in consultation with the wider staff, parent council, partners and the wider parent body to arrive at a model, which suited the needs of the pupils the school serves. Prior to arriving at our current curriculum model a considerable amount of research was undertaken involving discussions with and visits to schools in Scotland, England, Spain and America. Over the last 2 years our work with 2 schools in Italy and one in Poland, as part of a European Agency Project, has informed more recent changes in our curriculum. In our constant review and refresh of our curriculum learner participation has been a key driver. Our curricular model is constantly being evaluated and updated to ensure it continues to be effective in meeting the needs of changing groups of learners. More recently, staff, pupils, parents and partners have been engaging with Design Thinking led by NOTOSH. This has allowed all stakeholders to more fully examine where we are as a school, what is working well and what we need to move forward. Our Design Thinking team has identified the following as characteristics we would like to develop in our staff and pupils :

Our Design Thinking team has identified the characteristics we would like to develop in our staff and pupils

Some of the subjects currently being investigated for S5/6 students are:-

As well as widening the suite of qualifications available to pupils via the SCOF framework our pupils can also access Open University YASSmodules such as Law making in Scotland, Communication skills for Business and Management and Molecules, Medicines and Drugs: A Chemical Story.