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Calderglen High School

Welcome to Dance


  • Mr S Odger (Faculty Head) 
  • Ms S Marshall 
  • Ms L Crawford 

Why choose Dance?

Dance involves pupils in a diversity of learning experiences involving dance performance and choreography. Both elements contribute to their intellectual, social and moral development.

It provides learners with an interest in Dance, the opportunities to develop:

  • Technical performance in Commercial, Contemporary and Jazz dance
  • Expertise in choreographing a dance performance
  • An understanding of the process of analysing and evaluating dance performance
  • Research skills for investigating the work of professional choreographers
  • The knowledge and understanding required to enhance their physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • The knowledge of how to maximise active engagement to sustain an active, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle

Learners will work both independently and collaboratively reflecting on personal development and achievement while developing thinking, personal and interpersonal skills.

Living in today’s world allows people much more leisure time with greater opportunity for employment in this expanding area. Pupils who have studied Dance would fit easily into the market place whether it be in further education or directly into the working environment, having developed the ability to problem solve, team build and team work while improving their interpersonal skills of self confidence, self esteem, self reliance and determination.



In S3 all pupils will follow a Dance course as part of a broad general education, covering level 4 outcomes and experiences.  During S3 pupils will also overtake some of the National 5 outcomes. They will also undertake work which could lead to a National Progression Award.

Further details of units and course content can be obtained from:-



Assessment of Course

Assessment in the Dance course will involve both practical performance and written tasks.


  • At the end of S3 pupils should have achieved a National Progression Award in Dance.
  • At the end of S4 pupils could choose from the following progression routes:
  • A pupil achieving National 5 dance may progress to Higher


The Dance course is strongly supported with a structured programme of homework. Time, in school, is also programmed to assist with the acquisition of relevant knowledge to meet the assessment demands of all units in the course.


Students are expected to be suitably attired for dance lessons. Jazz shoes will be required as well as a leotard for exams.

National 5



The course will be open to pupils who have successfully completed the National 5 Dance course in S4. Pupils who have extensive dance experience outside school are also eligible for the course.

The pupils study two separate units: Technical Skills and Choreography.

The Technical Skills Unit will be based around Commercial, Contemporary and Jazz dance. Pupils will be assessed on their technical ability in technique classes and in performing a teacher led dance in two contrasting styles. Pupils also have to compare and contrast the characteristics of two dance styles and be able to analyse and evaluate technical skills.  This will be done through a written exam worth 30% of the final grade.

The Choreography Unit will be based around choreographing a two minute dance for a minimum of three dancers.  The pupils will be taught the principles behind creating a dance, including the use of structure, devices, motif development as well as theatre arts, including lighting, costume, props etc., some of this will be done practically and some through written assignments.  They will also be asked to analyse and evaluate a professional choreographer’s work.

The final Course Assessment is carried out by a visiting Verifier from the SQA.  Pupils have to perform two solo's and then present and evaluate their choreographed piece.  The two solo performances are worth 40% and the choreography, 30% of the final grade.

Pupils wishing to take this course should come into it with a strong background in Dance and should show an interest and ability in creating choreography.

The course demands high levels of technical excellence as well as academic ability.