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Calderglen High School

Welcome to the Faculty of Physical Education, Dance and Health and Food Technology

 Physical Education

Mr S Odger (Faculty Head)

Mrs J Anderson

Mr R Bleach (Pupil Support Manager)

Ms L Crawford

Mr R Hughes

Ms S Marshall 

Mr F Murray (Pupil Support Manager)

Mr K Chaplin (DHT)

Mr M Stewart (DHT)


Ms S Marshall 

Ms L Crawford


Health and Food Technology

Ms D Smyth 

Miss C Hughes

Ms N Reilly 

Ms S Cunningham 

Mrs A Dockrell (H.E. Support)






Courses Offered: 

N3/4/5 Physical Education 

N3/4/5 Competitive Games

N4/5 Aesthetics

N4/5 Dance

N4/5 Health and Food Technology 

N4/5 Practical Cookery 

Higher Health and Food Technology 

Sports and Fitness Bundle - SCQF Level 5/6

Higher Physical Education 

Higher Dance