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Calderglen High School

School Captains

The Role of School Captain

In general, we expect captains to:

  • Be positive role models in dress, punctuality and behaviour 
  • Be mentors for younger pupils 
  • Represent the school at internal and external events 
  • Be a link between pupils and teachers 
  • Carry out duties to ensure smooth running of the school 
  • Ensure that pupils are behaving well 

Captains should understand that the following tasks are integral to their post (this list is not exhaustive): 

  • Talk at assemblies throughout the school year
  • Assist at events such as parents' evenings, open days, meetings etc 
  • Contribute to creating house/school identity

Additionally, the following general skills and qualities are expected of captains. Captains must: 

  • Have high standards of work
  • Have a well maintained attendance record, attending all timetabled classes on time
  • Be able to represent the school with confidence, being courteous and polite at all times
  • Be able to listen effectively to others and communicate well 
  • Be well-motivated and approach their post with enthusiasm 
  • Be able to effectively plan and manage the tasks that are assigned to them
  • Be able to respond well to unexpected changes or occurrences 
  • Be willing to work with others in an effective manner, to contribute ideas that are effective and to participate fully in the work of the prefect team