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Calderglen High School

Scottish Studies


Mr D Munn  (Faculty Head)

Mr G Macpherson (Acting Faculty Head- Thursdays & Fridays)

Teaching staff vary from session to session concerning this course


Scottish Studies

Scottish Studies involves students studying two National 5 units from History, Modern Studies and/or Geography, plus a Travel and Tourism Unit.

Finally, each student has to carry out research on a topic with a Scottish link. There is no exam. All the units are marked within the school by their teachers.


National 5 Scottish Studies

This is a popular course within Social Subjects aimed at students who wish to continue studying these subjects after achieving National 4 awards, but who might find a full National 5 course with an exam too demanding .

There are four units covered in this course.

There is no external exam for this course. Unit assessment of each of the four units will lead to the qualification.

As the title of the course suggests the focus is on Scotland and aspects of life in Scotland.

There is a mandatory unit: Scotland in Focus which is activity based. Pupils have to plan and complete an activity that has a Scottish focus and they reflect on what they have learned.

In addition pupils will complete a unit based on Travel and Tourism in Scotland.

The other two further units, again with a Scottish focus. These will either be from Geography, History, Modern Studies or RMPS, depending on which teachers are assigned to the class.



Each unit will be internally assessed.