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Calderglen High School


S4 Yellow Course (National 4) 












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National 5 (Units Only) Course

This course is designed to be the part 1 of a two year National 5 Course

Part 1 (S4) involves studying the mandatory content of the three units

  • Expressions and Formula (EF);
  • Relationships (Rel) and
  • Applications (App)

all at National 5 Level.

Learners successfully completing Part 1 of this course will attain 4 internally assessed units (EF, Rel, App and Numeracy) .

These units, if successfully completed, will be recognised on the learners’ S4 SQA certificate.

Part 2 (S5) will be a more in-depth study of the National 5 course.

Learners successfully completing Part 2 of this course  will sit the National 5 external exam at the end of S5.






National 5 Blue Course 



 Past Papers 


desmosClick the icon to open desmos Graphing Calculator 

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