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Calderglen High School

Enrolling your child at Calderglen

Children normally start school in August if their 5th birthday falls before 1 March of the following year.

Enrol online

To register your child for school you should complete our online registration form. You must identify the catchment school for your permanent home address by using the school catchment checker.  This will give you information on both primary and secondary schools. The link to the online form will be given when you select your catchment school. It is only the parent the child ordinarily stays with who is authorised to register them. This includes the guardian or any person who is liable to maintain or has parental responsibilities. For more information see the Children (Scotland) Act 1995).  If you have any difficulty in identifying your catchment school please email us edsuppserv.helpline@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

Submit your documents online

The online registration form will ask you to provide each child's full birth certificate and two pieces of recent official documentation both containing your permanent home address for example a utility bill, council tax statement, housing rent card, child benefit documentation. Proof of where the child lives may also be needed.  Please note that a registration is required for each child (e.g. twins require a registration each). 

Click here to enrol your child at Calderglen

Documents should be no more than 5MB each and preferably in .jpg or .pdf format.

If your child attends the nursery of your catchment school don't assume that they will be automatically transferred. You must register them as normal.

Placing requests

If you intend to enrol your child at a different school, please read our page oplacing requests for further information.

Early entry

If your child's birthday is after 1 March, you can still apply to have them admitted early, please read our page on early entry to school.

Deferred entry

If you wish your child to have an additional year at nursery, please read our page on deferred entry to school.

Pupil enrolment during the summer holiday period

If you want to enrol your child during the summer holidays, you should complete an online registration.