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Calderglen High School

Faculty of Art, Design and Technology

Mrs G Martin (Faculty Head Mon-Thurs)

Mrs L Clark (Faculty Head Fri) 

Art & Design

  • Mr R Drummond
  • Mr R Galloway
  • Ms J Linning 
  • Mrs L Taylor 
  • Ms R Gallacher 
  • Ms L McPhie 


  • Mrs G Martin
  • Mrs L Clark
  • Mrs L O'Connell 
  • Mrs H Clarke
  • Mr I Bell
  • Mr M Hillis


Courses Offered: 

N3/4/5 Art & Design 

N3/4/5 and Graphic Communication 

N3/4/5 Design and Manufacture

N3/4/5 Practical Woodworking

Higher Photography 

Higher Design and Manufacture

Higher and Advanced Higher Graphic Communication 

Higher and Advanced Higher Art & Design