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Calderglen High School


Interdisciplinary learning is a planned approach to learning which uses links across different subjects or disciplines to enhance learning.  IDL helps promote the development and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways. It provides opportunities for deepening learning, for example through exploring an issue, solving problems or completing a final project. It is an important approach at all levels of Curriculum for Excellence.

In Calderglen we use IDL to allow space for learning beyond subject boundaries, so that our pupils can make connections between different areas of learning. Interdisciplinary projects, based upon groupings of experiences and outcomes from within and across curriculum area provides relevant, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences as well as providing stimulating context to meet the varied needs of our pupils.

Fight for the Right

Fight for the Right is an IDL project which links Social Subjects, Art & Design, Music, Drama and English.

This interdisciplinary activity centres around the fight for civil rights around the world and evidence of forced emigration as a result of war and clearances.

Social Subjects

Social Subjects teachers introduce students to Apartheid in South Africa, The US Civil Rights movement, protest songs across the world, the Scottish Highland Clearances, The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Gay Rights campaigns.


In English, the classes split into groups to each look at one of these issues with a view to producing a blog or podcast. Some groups did a presentation around a poster.


In Art students produced T-Shirts with messages relating to the issues studied. 




Drama produced role plays and images. 


Music looked at protest songs in more detail before producing a piece of percussion based music around a specific protest song.

Rocket Car

The Rocket Car is an IDL project which links our outside partner NXP with Maths, Science & Technology to create a Car of the Future based on “Rocket Power”.

Throughout the project pupils take part in the following:

idl fuel


  • In Science pupils learn about forces, friction and fuels.  Pupils will use the knowledge gained here to help design their rocket car.
  • Pupils will take part in hands on workshops which investigate the importance of friction and body shape, pupils will use the knowledge gained here to ensure that their rocket car can travel along the ground at high speed. 
  • Pupils are  involved in testing various types of fuels to evaluate which ones are the most efficient at providing energy.


  • Discovered parabolas within games using ‘Angry Birds’.
  • Explored parabolas in real life using Nerf guns whilst trying to hit a target.
  • Used ball bearing projectile launcher to discover parabolas have different flight paths depending on the launch angle
  • Videoed the ball bearing projectile launcher and then used ‘Tracker’ software to find the Quadratic equation of the parabola.
  • Plot parabolas on graph paper using its line of symmetry.


  • Pupils Design the shape of the car body building on knowledge from science and Maths.
  • Pupils will use 3D modelling to design the body shape of the car.
  • Pupils will create a frame from wood and vacuum form the body shape from plastic.
  • Pupils will also create a team logo and poster to promote their car.


At the end of the project pupils  come together to present their finalised power point presentations as well as racing their rocket cars.



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