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Calderglen High School

SQA Exams and Timetable 2023

The 2023 exam diet starts on Monday 24 April and finishes on Thursday 1 June. Results Day will be Tuesday 8 August

SQA support 

MyExams app

Create a personal timetable, view your exam schedule, add notes, and add to other calendars.

Personal timetable builder

Don't fancy an app? You can also create your own timetable using our online version.

Build your own online timetable

MyStudyPlan app

Organise your revision by creating your own study plan.


"Your Exams" Guide

Exams let you demonstrate what you have learned. We understand you may be nervous or worried about sitting them later this year so the SQA have created a "Your Exams" guide to help you prepare.

It tells you what you need to know and gives information and advice so that you can do your very best on the day of exams. "Your Exams" also contains rules you need to read and understand before exams start. These are in place to make sure exams are fair for everyone.

Remember to prepare, stay calm and do your best.


Helping  learners Get Exam Ready

SQA recently launched the ‘Get Exam Ready’ campaign for session 2022-23. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of, and signpost users to, their  learner hub which is packed full of useful resources, hints and tips to make preparing for exams that little bit easier.

To support SQA centres in their communications with learners, parents and carers, SQA have developed a toolkit where you’ll find resources. The toolkit includes copies of Your National Qualifications and Your Exams publications, social media copy, assets and more.


your exams 2023.pdf






nq 2023 exam timetable.pdf