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Calderglen High School

Extra Curricular

At Calderglen, we offer a range of extracurricular clubs and activities. These clubs and activities are available for pupils during lunchtime and after school.

Loyalty Scheme

Calderglen High School are launching a new Extra-curricular club Loyalty Card to encourage pupils to attend Extra-Curricular sports clubs within the school, both during lunchtime and after school.

Pupils should bring their card along to every lunchtime or after school club they attend to be stamped by the teacher/coach at the session.

• 1 card (10 spaces) – Bronze

• 2 cards (20 spaces) – Silver

• 3 cards (30 spaces) – Gold

Pupils who reach Bronze, Silver or Gold by May 2023 will be rewarded with exciting opportunities and points for their house in the inter-house competition.


Performing Arts