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Calderglen High School

Headteacher's Welcome

A Welcome to Calderglen High School from Liz White, Head Teacher

I am delighted to welcome you to our new, updated Calderglen High School Website. I hope that you find it an attractive and highly accessible source of information and guidance. Our website has been designed to offer users great insight into the ethos and achievements of our school and community, as well as to signpost the high quality of learning and skills’ development which are on offer to our young people.

South Lanarkshire Council’s vision as set out in the Council’s Plan Connect is to improve the quality of life for all within South Lanarkshire Council and that is mirrored in our vision “Working Together to inspire learning and shape the future” for all our young people in Calderglen High School.

“We are Calderglen” is our powerful school motto which signifies the extent to which we are committed to embracing a wide range of partnerships to deliver our vision and ensure equity for all learners. Partnerships with parents and local, national and global communities, whether voluntary, service or business sectors are yielding notable benefits for our young people and partners.

Calderglen High’s ethos promotes ambition, inclusion, support and commitment to improvement. Through our culture of high quality learning and achievement we work to ensure consistently high expectations for all young people and promote the development of the whole child, nurturing aspirations and talents of individuals and groups. We believe that through these high expectations and by working closely with our young people, their families and the community that we have built a safe, caring and supportive school which truly does inspire learning and delivers continuous improvement.

We share our campus with our partner school, Sanderson High, and have excellent relationships which allow us to share facilities, learning experiences, access to our curriculum for young people and joint professional learning opportunities for staff

Liz White

Head Teacher