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Calderglen High School

Welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts

 Drama Department

  • Mr I Mossman 
  • Miss E Richardson
  • Mrs A McKenzie
  • Mrs L McCarry 
  • Ms P McKenna (Area Cover)

 Music Department

  • Ms K Blackwood (Faculty Head) 
  • Ms S Menzies 
  • Mrs L Lockens
  • Miss H Rhodes
  • Mr R Paterson
  • Mr A Grant (NQT)
  • Miss L Cairns (Area Cover)
  • Mrs L McKinlay (Area Cover)

 Instrumental Instructors

  • Mr J McCrory 
  • Mr S Harris 
  • Mr A MacDonald 
  • Mr G Beattie 
  • Mr P Devlin 
  • Mrs C Hollinger 
  • Mr G McBretney 
  • Mr P Hendry




Courses Offered: 

N3/4/5 Music Performance 

N3/4/5 Music Technology 

N3/4/5 Drama

Higher and Advanced Higher Music Performance

Higher and Advanced Higher Drama

Higher Music Technology 

NPA Musical Theatre 

NPA Sound Production 

S1 Creative Industries