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Calderglen High School

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Welcome to the Higher Physics Page.

Everything you need is accessible using the links below

All the Knowledge & Skills covered in the course (the mandatory content) is detailed in a single document. This is it:

The SQA Higher Physics Course Specification.
(In other words, this is the 'What You Should Know' document.)

Higher: Our Dynamic Universe

Higher Uncertainties Booklet

ODU Summary Notes

ODU Class Questions

ODU Revision Questions & Ink Exercises 

Revision Questions R Solutions Ink exercise Ink Exercise Solutions
1. Scalars & Vectors 1. Scalar & Vectors solutions ODU IE1. Projectiles ODU IE1 Projectiles solutions
2. Equations of Motion 2. Equations of Motion solutions ODU IE2. Forces ODU IE2. Forces solutions
3. Forces & Energy 3. Forces & Energy solutions ODU IE3. Momentum & Impulse ODU IE3. Momentum & Impulse
4. Momentum & Impulse 4. Momentum & Impulse solutions ODU IE4. Gravity & Relativity ODU IE4. Gravity & Relativity
5. Gravitation & Special Relativity 5. Gravitation & Special Relativity solutions
6. The Expanding Universe 6. The Expanding Universe solutions

Higher: Particles & Waves

PW Summary Notes

PW Class Questions

PW Revision Questions & Ink Exercises:

Revision Questions Revision Questions Solutions Ink exercise Ink Exercise Solutions
7. Standard Model & Fields 7. Standard Model & Fields solutions PW IE1. Standard Model & Fields PW IE1. Standard Model & Fields solutions
8. Nuclear Reactions 8. Nuclear Reactions solutions PW IE2. Nuclear Reactions & Irradiance PW IE2. Nuclear Reactions & Irradiance solutions
9. Interference & Irradiance 9. Interference & Irradiance solutions PW IE3. Spectra & Interference PW IE3. Spectra & Interference
10. Refraction 10. Refraction solutions PW IE4. Refraction PW IE4. Refraction
11. Spectra & Irradiance 11. Spectra & Irradiance solutions

Higher: Electricity

Electricity Summary Notes

Electricity Class Questions

Electricity Homework:

Revision Questions Revision Question solutions Ink exercise Ink Exercise Solutions
12. AC & Circuits  12. AC & Circuits solutions Elec IE1. Circuits & Capacitors Elec IE1. Circuits & Capacitors solutions
13. Internal Resistance

13. Int Res solutions a

13. Int Res solutions b

13. Int Res solutions c

Elec IE2. AC & Semiconductors Elec IE2. AC & Semiconductors solutions
14. Capacitors 14. Capacitors
15. Electrons at Work 15. Electrons at Work solutions


 Higher PowerPoints for the full course...

Our Dynamic Universe PowerPoints

0. Higher Uncertainties

1. Vectors

2. Equations of Motion

3. Projectiles

4. Forces

5. Momentum & Impulse

6. Gravitation

7. Special Relativity

8. The Expanding Universe

9. Stellar Evolution

Particles & Waves PowerPoints

1. The Standard Model of Particle Physics

2. Particle Accelerators

3. Nuclear Reactions

4. What is Light? Part 1. The Photoelectric Effect

5. What is Light? Part 2. Interference

6. What is Light? Part 3. Spectra

7. Refraction & Critical Angle

Electricity PowerPoints

1. AC/DC

2. Series & Parallel Circuits

3. Internal Resistance

4. Capacitors

5a. Intro to Semiconductors

5b. Doping Semiconductors

5c. pn junction


Higher Physics SQA Past Papers


Higher Past Papers 2015 -2019 by key area: Thanks to Mr Davie. This interactive pdf will allow you to quickly find questions on specific key areas.

Individual SQA Higher Physics Past Papers: 

Question Paper Marking Instructions

2022 Higher Physics Paper 1

2022 Higher Physics Paper 2

awaiting standardisation
2021 no published paper
2020 no paper
2019 Higher Physics  2019 Higher Physics MIs

2019 SQP Paper 1

2019 SQP Paper 2

Solutions at the back of the Specimen Question Paper
2018 Higher Physics 2018 Higher Physics MIs
2017 Higher Physics 2017 Higher Physics MIs
2016 Higher Physics  2016 Higher Physics MIs
2015 Higher Physics 2015 Higher Physics MIs
2014 Revised Higher Physics 2014 Revised Higher Physics MIs
2013 Revised Higher Physics 2013 Revised Higher Physics MIs
2012 Revised Higher Physics 2012 Revised Higher Physics MIs

Higher Useful Documents (Relationships Sheet, data sheet, periodic table etc...)

Relationships sheet

Data Sheet

Periodic Table 

Additional Maths Relationships

SQA Higher Physics Course Specification

Higher Uncertainties Booklet

Demos of experiments and walkthroughs of past papers are available on:

mrstewartphysics on YouTube