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Calderglen High School

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 N5 Physics page

Everything you need is accessible using the links below. 

Demos of experiments and walkthroughs of past papers are available on:

mrstewartphysics on YouTube

N5 Waves & Radiation

SQA Course Content: Waves

SQA Course Content: Radiation

Waves Summary Notes

Radiation Summary Notes

Waves & Radiation Class Questions - these are the questions we do in class

Homework & Solutions:

Exercise Area of Work Solutions
WR1 Wave Characteristics WR1 solutions
WR2 Speed of Sound WR2 solutions
WR3 Ultrasound WR3 solutions
WR4 Radio waves WR4 solutions
WR5 Refraction WR5 solutions
WR6 EM Spectrum WR6 solutions
WR7 Nuclear Radiation WR7 solutions
WR8 Dosimetry & Fission  WR8 solutions

N5 Electricity & Properties of Matter

SQA Course Content: Electricity

SQA Course Content: Properties of Matter

Electricity Summary Notes

Electronics Summary Notes

Properties of Matter Summary Notes: Heat Energy

Properties of Matter Summary Notes: Pressure & The Gas Laws

Electricity & Energy Class Questions

Homework & Solutions:

Exercise Area of Work Solutions
EE1 Conservation of Energy EE1 solutions
EE2 Generation of Electricity EE2 solutions
EE3 Electromagnetism EE3 solutions
EE4 Practical Electricity EE4 solutions
EE5 PVIR EE5 solutions
EE6 Electronics EE6 solutions
EPM7 Specific Heat Capacity EPM7 solutions
EPM8  Latent Heat EPM8 solutions
EPM9 Kinetic Model & Pressure EPM9 solutions
EPM10 The Gas Laws EPM10 solutions

N5 Dynamics & Space

SQA Course content: Dynamics

SQA Course content: Space

Dynamics Summary Notes

Energy Summary Notes

Space Summary Notes

Dynamics & Space Class Questions

Homework & Solutions:

Exercise Area of Work Solutions
DS1 Motion 1 DS1 solutions
DS2 Motion 2 DS2 solutions
DS3 Motion 3 DS3 solutions
DS4 Forces 1 DS4 solutions
DS5 Forces 2 DS5 solutions
DS6 Forces 3 DS6 solutions
DS7 Satellites & Projectiles 1 DS7 solutions
DS8 Satellites & Projectiles 2 DS8 solutions

Cosmology 1

DS9 solutions
DS10 Cosmology 2 DS10 solutions
DS11 Space Exploration 1 DS11 solutions
DS12 Space Exploration 2 DS12 solutions

N5 PowerPoints for the full course....


N5 PowerPoints


1. Wave Characteristics and Sound waves

2. Light waves and the electromagnetic spectrum


1. Nuclear Radiation PowerPoint


1. Renewable Energy PowerPoint

2. Electromagnetism PowerPoint

3. Electrostatics PowerPoint

4. Electricity PowerPoint

5. Electronics PowerPoint

6. The Cost of Energy 2022 PowerPoint

Properties of Matter

1. Heat Energy PowerPoint

2. Pressure PowerPoint

3. The Gas Laws PowerPoint


1. Motion PowerPoint

2. Scalars & Vectors PowerPoint

3. Forces PowerPoint

4. Motion in a Gravitational Field

5. Energy


1. Satellites

2. Cosmology part 1

3. Cosmology part 2

N5 SQA Past Papers


Physics N5 Past Papers

Past Papers 2014 - 2022 sorted by key area.
Thanks to Mr Davie for this updated version of his excellent resource to find Past Paper questions by key area.

SQA Past Papers. Thanks to Mr Mackenzie for these...

Question Paper Marking Instructions
2023 N5 Physics Paper 1

2023 N5 Physics Paper 2

2023 Marking Instructions

2022 N5 Physics Paper 1

2022 N5 Physics Paper 2

2022 Marking Instructions

2021 N5 Physics Paper 1

2021 N5 Physics Paper 2

2021 Marking Instructions


2020 no paper
2019 N5 Physics 2019 N5 Physics MIs
2018 N5 Physics 2018 N5 Physics MIs
2018 N5 Physics Specimen Paper solutions at back of paper
2017 N5 Physics 2017 N5 Physics MIs
2016 N5 Physics 2016 N5 Physics MIs
2015 N5 Physics 2015 N5 Physics MIs
2014 N5 Physics 2014 N5 Physics MIs
2013 N5 Physics Specimen Paper solutions at back of paper


N5 Useful documents & websites

N5 Physics Relationships Sheet 2023

N5 Data Sheet 2022

N5 Physics Full SQA Course Specification

Demos of experiments and walkthroughs of past papers are available on:

mrstewartphysics on YouTube

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