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Calderglen High School

S3 Masterclass

In S3, all young people will take part in 2 masterclass programmes over the course of the year, on  Monday afternoon. The first masterclass runs from June – December and the second runs January – June. All pupils must cover 8 curricular areas in Broad General Education within S3 and masterclasses allows this to happen in an innovative way of learning.

Masterclass Options for 22-23




Mathematics is about solving problems through pattern recognition. The Robotics Masterclass is a short course in using mathematical logic to program a robot to solve problems. You will learn how robots perceive their environment, how they adjust their movements to avoid obstacles, navigate difficult terrains and accomplish simple tasks. Then it’s over to you to help your robot solve the next problem!

NPA Cybersecurity, Data Security: Level 4 

On successful completion of the Unit the learner will be able to: 

1 Describe how personal data can be stored, used and shared by social media. 

2 Identify the risks associated with storing and sharing personal data. 

3 Apply basic practical methods of protecting personal data. 

Computer Games: Design (Level 4) 


The unit covers the following knowledge and skills: 

  • Computer game genres and platforms 
  • Writing proposals for computer games 
  • Elements of a game design 
  • Designing and planning computer games 

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to plan and design computer games. 

Outdoor Learning  Masterclass 

This masterclass is about learning how to participate in activities outdoors. Pupils will learn a variety of skills including: 

  • Camp craft(Tents/Stoves/Shelter).  
  • Basic Navigation skills. 
  • What to do in an outdoor emergency. 
  • You will be introduced to the countryside access code and the benefits of being outdoors for mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Introduction to the John Muir Award 
  • Appreciation of wild places and the background to the inception of National Parks in The United States and the UK. 
  • Basic Outdoor First Aid. 

Generally you get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in all weather.

Bike Maintenance Masterclass

The bike maintenance masterclass allows pupils to:

  • Understand the importance of carrying out regular cycle safety checks
  • Identify and carry out routine maintenance and repair tasks
  • Carry out a range of less frequent and specialised maintenance and repair tasks on a bike
  • Select and use a range of specialised cycle tools appropriately and safely
  • Develop an appreciation for cycling and cycle maintenance
  • Develop lifelong skills


Pupils will investigate the human face looking at the anatomy and face plan of facial features.

They will then work from a photograph of themselves to produce an A3 painting or pastel final piece, looking at techniques from a selection of artists.

Conversational Spanish

In the Spanish Masterclass we spend roughly one period on culture and one period on language per week. The aim of the class is to improve your conversational Spanish, allowing you to order food or take part in short conversations. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Spanish culture and perhaps even watch a film in Spanish!


Pupils will learn about child development and the different types of play used to enhance children's learning and development.  They plan, lead and participate in play activities. The class also have input from local nurseries and those working in the Early Learning and Childcare sector, to help them learn more about possible career options. 


In this master class you will carry out beauty treatments such as manicures, nail painting and face painting.  You will also learn what is involved in looking after clients in a beauty salon and trying our new hairstyles on each other.


Like TV?  Adverts?  Films?  Want to make your own short film?  Come along to the Media Masterclass where you will find out the how, who and why of visual media texts.  You will find out who finances films and how they make decisions about which films to finance.  You will find out why a former American president hates ‘The Simpsons’ and why the same company that finances the programme wanted to sue it!  You will also learn about storyboarding, shot ratio, camera angles, and you will get the chance to put all of this knowledge to use to produce your very own short films!  

N.B. This course will not be like studying a film in English class!  You will not be writing essays and, although you will analyse images, you will also learn about things like gender representation, audience categorisation and half of the course will involve practical work – using cameras, setting up tripods (correctly!), performing recces and using editing software.  

Sports Coaching

This is a fun course that teaches pupils to become leaders.  Pupils will learn to plan and organise sporting sessions, gather the equipment needed and deliver the session to other pupils.  Pupils will build their confidence, communication and teamwork skills and if successful will gain a sports award. The Leadership skills gained are recognised in Further Education and in employment. This course is a practical class with some writing.  The focus is on leading sessions, not just playing sport or improving practical ability.  


CookSMART – The new practical cookery masterclass from the Health and Food Technology Department

This course will allow pupils to develop their practical cookery skills by producing a range of dishes which are suitable to be cooked at home for the family.  This Masterclass is suitable for pupils who have an interest in cooking fresh, healthy meals but aren’t already taking a National Course in the Department.  

All foods cooked in the masterclass will follow the CookSMART code 

Seasonal – Where possible, seasonal and local ingredients will be used, helping support the local economy and using the freshest of ingredients

Meet Dietary Goals – Dishes made will help to meet dietary goals of reducing fat, sugar and salt and increasing fibre and fruit and vegetable content.  Don’t worry they will still taste great!

Affordable – The ingredients used won’t cost a fortune, and pupils will learn ways to cook on a budget

Readily available – The dishes made will use ingredients that can be easily sourced from local shops and supermarkets

Tasty – Above all, the dishes cooked will taste delicious!

Who are we, and why are we here? 

Life in a new town: Discovering our History and Heritage 

A hundred years ago East Kilbride was just a tiny village, but now it’s one of Scotland's largest towns. Find out how this has happened. Get involved and find out who we are and what our story is.

In this course you will get hands on with history by going out into the local area, experience real primary sources, and have first hand experiences from visitors. You will learn through visits, tours, interviews and get the chance to get hands on and show your knowledge in many ways. 


This involves composing; shooting and editing photo’s using a digital camera. You will experience and learn different techniques in digital photography. You will also take and manipulate photographs.

Musical Theatre

This is an excellent course for pupils who enjoy dance, drama and singing. Pupils will  combine all three disciplines and learn about Musical Theatre terminology.  They will explore a variety of Musicals and create routines to showcase their talents.  A mainly practical based subject which is fun and has the feel good factor!

Creative Industries

Creative industries are those based on individual creativity, skill and talent. Together they make an important contribution to our national wealth and international reputation. Skills for Work courses help young people to develop their self-confidence and well-being. They also aim to provide a very positive learning experience. A chance to work on practical skills that relate to the world of work provides real benefits to learners.

Beginners Gaelic

It’s “Gah-lic”, not “Gay-lic”!!

Ever wondered what those funny symbols are on the road signs when you’re staycationing across Scotland? Wonder no more! As Miss Andrews, resident Gaelic learner in the Faculty of Modern Languages, is offering a Scottish Gaelic Masterclass.  Join now if you…

·         want to learn more about your own culture and country

·         are interested in learning a bit of conversational Gaelic to impress all the Gaels you meet on holiday

·         want to show off to your family/friends that you are now a minority who can speak the language of our ancestors

(Guest speakers may include the infamous Gael Miss MacDonald and Humanities Learner Mr Morrison).