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SQA Appeals 2022

Information for learners

After receiving your results, if you think any of your grades don’t seem right, you may be able to appeal.

If your final grade is lower than the estimate your school, submitted to the SQA before the exam, you may be able to make an appeal directly to SQA, or through the school. You should always discuss the discrepancy between your estimated grade and your final grade with your teachers to determine whether the estimated grade and supporting evidence support an appeals request.

Estimates form a significant part of the eligibility criteria to appeal. Young people have been made aware in advance of their estimate grade and understand how this was decided.

If your appeal request is accepted, SQA will carry out a clerical check of your exam script and assignments. SQA appointees – practising teachers and lecturers – will also review the assessment evidence that school sends to us to decide your final grade. The final grade might be different to the estimate that your school, college or training provider sends us. In this case, you will be awarded the higher of the two grades based on the two sources of evidence.

An appeal can be prioritised if you have a conditional place at university or college, or in training or employment that depends on your grade. Please confirm with your school, college or training provider if you have a conditional offer as all priority appeals must be validated by your centre.

To find out more please use the link below;

Appeals 2022 service