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SQA Appeals Information 2023

Appeals service 2023


The purpose of Appeals 2023 is to provide learners with the opportunity to request a review of their SQA-marked assessment components. Appeals 2023 is different to last year’s service — alternative assessment evidence will not be considered as part of any appeal for 2023.

This year, learners can request a marking review of the materials that were submitted to SQA for marking if the result is unexpected and they believe that an error may have occurred with either the totalling of marks or the marking, and this has resulted in the wrong grade being awarded.

Appeals 2023 is free of charge and will be open on Tuesday 8 August at 9 am for learners or the school to request a review directly to SQA. Appeals can be prioritised if the learner has a conditional place at university or college, or for training or employment that depends on their grade.


  • Priority appeals – Closes 15th August (Learner direct service) and 21st August (submitted by school), with UCAS outcomes expected by 5th September
  • Non priority appeals – Closes 29th August (Learner direct service) and 1st September (submitted by school), with outcomes expected by end of October 23.

Learners are not eligible to appeal an award if it has been reached using the “Examination Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service”. In these cases, a full review of all learner materials will have already been undertaken before certification.

How does the Appeals 2023 service work?


There are two ways that an appeal can be submitted:

* Learners or their representatives can submit an appeal via the Learner Direct Appeals Service. This is accessed via SQA’s website. http://www.sqa.org.uk/appeals

*The school can submit an appeal via the Appeals 2023 service on behalf of their learners. Please complete the google form here if you wish the school to do this on your behalf  https://forms.gle/PVB7UFYXU5PUxwrs9


Before submitting an appeal, we recommend that learners discuss their decision with their teacher to determine whether an appeal is in their best interests and whether their grade is in line with their estimate or is markedly different to what was expected. Learners have the final say as to whether an appeal should be submitted to SQA.

Remember, grades can go up or stay the same or go down. Therefore, the learner’s consent must be provided before any requests are submitted by a centre. Replacement certificates will be issued mid November.

Please see more information here;

nq-2023-appeals-general-guidance.pdf (sqa.org.uk)