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Calderglen High School

Developing the Young Workforce

Our Calderglen Career Support team aim to provide young people and their families with the best support and advice necessary to plan for life beyond school.

Our goal is for your next step to be a positive one.


  • Careers interviews - supporting young people when considering options within and beyond school. Our job is to help navigate the journey between school and the next destination, whatever that may be.

  • Employer engagement - working with local and national employers to provide industry insight and have established excellent networks that our young people benefit from in a variety of ways.

  • College applications - Thinking of moving on, we can help. We will support you in finding the right course for you and completing your application form.

  • Apprenticeships - Work, earn and learn all at the same time! Apprenticeships are a fantastic option if you want the best of both worlds and we know all about them.

  • Mock Interviews - Your first interview can be a daunting experience, we can help with that too. You will be given the opportunity to experience an interview, without the pressure and the added bonus of some great feedback so you ace the real thing!

  • CV support - Looking to get straight into employment? A part time job maybe? Let us have a look over your CV and make sure you are presenting the best version of you.

  • Supporting parents - The job market continues to change and it can be difficult for parents to always know what's best for their young people. We are here to help you keep up to date with the knowledge required to support young people in making sound judgement's about their future.


Check out our dedicated site --> https://sites.google.com/sl.glow.scot/cglenfutures/home